Line Scores 2

Presented as part of Bend and Hold, an exhibition featuring the work of artists, Brendan Fernandes (NYC), FLUCT (NYC), Sondra Perry (NYC), and Sidney Pink (BALTIMORE). The work of these artists explore the limits of physical relationship between a dancer (mover) and their surrounding environment; and more specifically, how they may alter our expectations of how a body is suppose to be in those spaces.

Line Socres 2
May 13, 2016
VisArts, Rockville, MD 
​Directed by: Sidney Pink
Created and performed in collaboration with:
Alicia Horton, Lynne Price, and Peter Redgrave
Sound Design by: Khristian Weeks
​Bend & Hold exhibition curated by: Jackie Milad
Documentation video by: Nguyên Khôi Nguyễn
Documentation photography by: 
Zachary Z. Handler