Sidney Pink is an American artist currently based in Baltimore, MD. Many of his projects mix elements of drawing and dance.
Pink lived in Japan between 2004-2008. His early work was influenced by manga, Japanese film, and Butoh. During this period, Pink started exhibiting with Giant Robot in the U.S. and was nominated for a Jury Prize at Takashi Murakami’s art festival, Geisai. Japanzine described Pink as, “one of Japan's most inspirational gaijin [foreign] artists.”
Pink's current figurative drawings explore the simple beauty of line and negative space through idiosyncratic gestures, distorted proportions, and bizarre scenarios. Pink often collaborates with dancers and actors in creating his drawings.
Pink is the Co-founder of AKIMBO, a festival of site-specific dance and movement art in Baltimore, MD. In 2015 he curated, Cul-de-sac, an interdisciplinary project between visual art and dance. Pink has studied dance with Naoko Maeshiba, Liz Lerman, Natsu Nakajima – and performed in two dance films by John & Susan Mann.
Pink has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Berlin. His work has appeared in various publications including Fine Line Magazine, Japan's Artcollector, and the New York Times Magazine.
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